MozTool 2023 v1.1

MozTool 2023 is the successor version of MozToolX and MozToolY.

By carrying out a similar mission to provide convenience and comfort in playing online games, especially Tantra Online.

The biggest change in MozTool 2023 lies in how the macro system works. On MozToolX and Y all other skills and keys work independently, while on MozTool 2023 they work sequentially. This is intended to assist players in determining the style of play in using macros. It is also designed with the thought of helping increase the chances of producing combos.

Another additional feature is that it includes Auto Pot for HP and TP. By using pixel detection so that this macro will not be specific to certain servers but also for various servers or even versions of kathana in Tantra Online or other games (if possible)

How to use it?

How to set macro
How to set Auto Potion

You can find link to download here :

If you want to ask anything about the macro just post a reply on the topic.

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